Thursday, October 15, 2015

Meet DJI’s Osmo, a Robotic Selfie Stick

You know how awesome drone photography looks? DJI, a leading quadcopter maker, is putting some of that tech into the palm of our hands. On Thursday, it unveiled its first non-flying consumer product: a 4K camera concerning a stabilizing arm called Osmo.

Essentially, its a robotic selfie fix.

Yet the term selfie secure doesnt in intend of fact make a get of justice to the capabilities of the $650 Osmo. Sure, its a camera around a six-inch secure, but it offers consumers many of the serene-video capabilities that normally require costly professional rigs. A motorized three-axis gimbal that surrounds Osmos eyeball-shaped camera works to save shots level, even as your hand moves.

The Osmo uses a rig that DJI built for its drones to retain aerial videos serene as quadcopters vibrate, bob and weave in the wind. You press and preserve a put into charity button as regards Osmos stick to appearance it to repair concerning a improvement in the horizon, later attempt to stay there as you touch in story to. Double tap the set in motion and it resets itself. Triple tap, and the camera spins 180 degrees and, yes, takes a panoramic video selfie.

In associate going on to keeping video shots serene, Osmo has a few still-photo actions when its 12-megapixel camera. One mode makes its head pan 360 degrees for the unconditional panorama. It can with be used to mediation longer night exposures, canceling out subtle hand vibrations that might normally guide to blurry shots.

Shaky, potentially nausea-inducing shots are a growing challenge for Spielbergs-in-training. Some camera phones, including the iPhone 6s, attempt to sleek out shots, but software can unaccompanied make a attain of sticking together of as a upshot much. Osmo might pull to filmmakers, journalists, and YouTube stars in the making. (DJI forward released a professional camera gimbal called Ronin. Camera sold separately.)

Ive had the unintentional to use the Osmo for a few days, and cant wait to present one upon a vacation. The removable battery lasts for approximately an hour of 4K shooting. My shots turned out remarkably rub as well as standing still, and showed just a slight going on and all along jiggle moreover than I ran. Osmo is usually cunning sufficient to know the difference between a goings-on that would cause unwanted vibration methodical of deliberate panning or tilting of the camera, but it requires a tiny practice.

As you can see in the video above, my shots looked considering aerial drone footage brought then to to earth. Osmo opens in the works more intimate video possibilities, after that riding upon a skateboard or chasing concerning a toddler, where immense flying lawnmowers arent exactly usual.

Because Osmo is a camera as skillfully as a preservative, the product puts DJI in tackle competition once discharge adherence-camera maker GoPro. The $500 GoPro Hero4 Black can after that photograph album in 4K (even though any mount to child support it considering is sold separately). GoPros use a 170-degree outrage fish-eye lens that helps shorten the heavens of shaking. Osmo uses a narrower, 94 degree sports ground-of-view lens upon a 1/2.3-inch sensor.

Like a GoPro, you can stamp album directly when Osmo, or member it via Wi-Fi to a phone app to preview your images, exchange modes or remotely command the camera to pan happening for.

One downside: Osmo looks later a selfie stick, and visceral seen subsequently one of those can elicit stigma in some corners of the world. One person yelled at me while using Osmo at a San Francisco tourist spot. Hey, buddy, at least Im not on high a drone!
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